Rob Bailey


Co promotor del Euroyeye y organizador de lso eventos de los New Untouchables en UK, compilo las series de Lps Le Beat Bespoke y de singles Mousetrap. Mi top 5 de este año incluye temas del disco LBB 8 e incluye algunos temas exclusivos que pincharé para vosotros para que los disfrutéis bailando. Esperaos un montón de temas de estos discos que podéis encontrar en la tienda de los NUTS aquí….

Top Five Psych/Garage sounds
Painted Air- Remaining Few (Dr Robert Mix)
Seasons- Neal Ford & The Fanatics
Down To The Sky- Sean Bonniwell
Please- B.G. System
Searchin’- Lenny Roberts

Top Five Soul Sounds
Caballo Psicodelico – Leo Soto Con Alex Y Su Conjunto
Gerri Hall – Who Can I Run To
Show Some Sign- Victoria Williams & JD Ledbetter-
Making Love After Hours- Roland Kirk
I’m In With The Downtown Crowd- The Allan Sisters

WOW 25 years of Euro YeYe!!
I done twenty two in a row now and lost a few brain cells along the way but it’s been worth it. So many memorable weekends and looking forward once again to another amazing party with great people in the seaside city of Gijon.
Co-promoter of Euro YeYe and the New Untouchables events in the UK. Compiler of Le Beat Bespoke album and Mousetrap 45 series. My 2019 top 5 features tracks from the new Le Beat Bespoke 8 album including quite a few exclusives that I will play for your dancing pleasure. Expect plenty of Mousetrap and Le Beat Bespoke fave raves as well some you will find available in the NUTSTORE here