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Con siete ábumes de studio, dos en directo y una reputación intachable de banda en directo, Osaka Manoaurail  son sin duda el mejor combo funk de Japón y de toda Asia.  Llevan tocando y girando juntos desde hace más de veinticinco años y con su dinámico show se han ganado a todas sus audiencias por Europa, Canada, USA, Asia, Australia y Nueva Zelanda desde hace más de diez años.
Han girado con Marva Withney, Martha High, Fred Wesley. Sir Joe Quaterman y han producido y grabado álbumes para las dos primeras. Los japoneses capturan  la energía, el sonido y la excitación de los mejores tiempos del funk sonando sueltísimos, y organizados y disciplinados a la vez, algo muy dificil de ver.

En Gijón disfrutaremos de su única presentación peninsular en esta gira; un show con ocho músicos vestidos impecablemente perfectamente sincronizados musical y visualmente y a su dinámico y carismático líder, cantante y director Ryo Nakata. Auténtico soul, heavy funk y jazzdance por un monorail a toda velovidad, amigos.
With 7 studio albums, 2 live albums and a solid reputation as a must-see act, Osaka Monaurail are Japan’s premiere funk orchestra. They have been recording and touring together for more than 25 years and have built on their fan base by thrilling audiences across Europe, Canada, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand for over a decade with their dynamic show.

Formed at Osaka University’s jazz society in 1992, where, in search of an ever-tighter sound, the band progressed from Basie to James Brown. Seeing the Godfather of Soul’s funk template as ‘the gold standard’ for a rhythm combo, they named themselves after the 1975 Funk classic “J.B.’s Monaurail”, appropriating the miss-spelling and setting out to be the ‘new ministers of superheavy funk’ for future generations.

Now, having directly toured with Marva Whitney, Fred Wesley, Martha High and Sir Joe Quaterman, as well as producing and backing solo albums for Whitney and High, they are on a mission to capture the energy, sound and excitement of funk’s heyday and beyond, a sound that is as much free as it is organised and disciplined. Expect to see a eight-piece band with sharp suits, organised steps, trumpets twirling in formation and the dynamic showmanship of charismatic singer and director Ryo Nakata. And expect to hear world-class, authentic, heavy funk.

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 “WHAT IT IS…WHAT IT WAS” (RD Records, 2000)
“RUMBLE’N STRUGGLE” (RD Records, 2001)
“THANKFUL(For What You’ve Done)” (RD Records 2004)
“EYEWITNESS TO THE (Live In Heavy Funk System At Raindogs,Osaka)” (RD Records, 2005)
“Reality For The People” (P-Vine/Unique Records, 2006)
“I AM WHAT I AM” by MARVA WHITNEY with Osaka Monaurail (SHOUT/Freestyle, 2006)
“INTRODUCING UNDERCOVER EXPRESS” (P-Vine Records, 2009) a.k.a. “AMEN, BROTHER!” (European title on Unique Records)
“LIVE IN SPAIN” (CD+DVD set) (P-Vine, 2009)
“STATE OF THE WORLD” (King Records/Unique Records, 2011)
“RIPTIDE” (SHOUT/Unique Records, 2014)

(She’s A) Riptide (Music video, 2014)
Montreal Jazz Festival (2012)
Live in Toronto (2012)
People Make The World (France, 2013)
Theme From Shaft (2008, Belgrade)
With Fred Wesley (2012)
With Marva Whitney (2006)
WOMAD in New Zealand (2013)